What Can Lucid Vending do for Your Business?

We only require a small piece of real estate and an electrical outlet. We customize our vending machines to suit your venue. We try to supply your guests with essential items they may need while they’re out and about. Each machine is totally unique and our social-media presence will help promote your bar, your staff, your events–whatever! We sell the jewellery your bartender makes, and the products we sell keep your guests engaged. Artists we showcase frequently visit. And they bring their friends.

The best part is this costs you nothing. We advertise on Social Media for free. We own and operate all our machines, exclusively. It’s just us you gotta deal with. We have a system. If something is wrong with a machine, we’ll take care of it. Lucid Vending LLC is licensed and insured. We got this!

Worth noting: Personally, we consider Lucid Vending a “green” business. The machines we purchase are super outdated and heading for the landfill. We refurbish and update these machines ourselves and keep them maintained. Our business doesn’t require the energy use or construction of a new building with a parking lot, and everything else that goes into a brick and mortar. Our machines use LED lighting, and small rotating motors that don’t require much energy at all. We rarely utilize Amazon. And we re-use and recycle most of our packaging. Unfortunately, we’re on social media, but what are ya going to do? We’re doing the best we can.