Inspired by vending machines from around the world, Lucid Vending is a custom, creative vending-machine operation based in Tampa Bay, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee.

We refurbish vintage snack vending machines and customize them to fit your space. Machines are stocked with an ever-revolving variety of original items, but expect to find mystery bags, late-night essentials, games, party wigs, nostalgic stuff, tarot readings, oddities and an assortment of eclectic gems waiting to be discovered.

Our machines are sleek and compact. They’re cashless and upgraded with advanced micro-processors, LED lighting and Credit Card/App Readers. Each machine is custom designed and hand painted, keeping the aesthetics of your establishment in mind.

It’s FREE to get a Lucid Vending machine, AND we pay rent. Businesses that house a machine receive consistent social media presence from us. We’ll be promoting your events and specials, and letting the community know why your business rocks!

We install, restock, promote and maintain everything with the machine. It’s just passive income!

We understand this is a new concept. We’ve been operating for more than two years now and we’re happy to help answer any questions you may have.

We assure you, if we have contacted you, that means we really believe a Lucid Vending machine would be a terrific fit for your business. We hope to hear back!