Inspired by vending machines from around the world, Lucid Vending is a community-driven, artistic vending-machine operation in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Not the boring snack boxes you see at the office, our vending machines are stylish and unique. We carry an ever-revolving supply of locally-sourced art, creative-goods, engaging games, oddities, late-night essentials and cool vintage stuff.

Like a miniature art gallery, we carefully curate what goes in our machines to cultivate a fun, unique, lucid experience at your favorite hangout spots.

Our machines are sleek and compact. They’re upgraded with advanced micro-processors, LED lighting and Credit Card/App Readers. Each machine is custom designed and hand painted, keeping the aesthetics of your establishment in mind.

It’s FREE to get a Lucid Vending machine, AND we pay rent. Businesses that house a machine receive consistent social media presence from us. We’ll be promoting your events and specials, and letting the community know why your business rocks!

Lucid Vending LLC operates as a wholly-inclusive, locally-owned business committed to serving up our brand of fringe entertainment to day drinkers, night owls, hipsters, hound-dogs, snowbirds, LGBTQ+, tourists, freaks, weirdos, oddballs, misfits, yuppies and all signs of life looking for a good time.