What is Lucid Vending?

Encountering one of our machines in the wild can be a lucid experience. It’s all about perspective. We live in chaotic times, but at the end of the day, you can meet up at your favorite hangout spot, get lucid, and find something strange and wild out of a funky vending machine that may change your life forever.

We think there’s something enchanting about a glowing vending machine in the night, casting a spell on you. We hope the magic inside helps bring artists, locals, visitors and businesses together — all in the same box.

Similar to the food truck revolution, we’re hoping to change the perspective that vending machines are ugly, and only carry junk food and soda. Our machines are vibrant and beautiful. However, expect to find “snackable-sized” samples from up-and-coming creatives that produce work with a lucid perspective.